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Discs Don’t Slip DAMMIT

This is more of a short rant than a blog post, but the truth doesn’t need to be complicated, so here it is: Yes, you heard that right. DISCS CANNOT JUST SLIP OUT OF PLACE willy-nilly like a bar of soap in the shower.

“Don’t lift that, it’ll slip your disc”! “I can’t do that I’ve got a slipped disc”. The problems with these statements are that discs DO NOT and CAN NOT slip.

[…] it takes about 740lbs of force to compress the disc height 1mm in young subjects and 460lbs of force to compress the disc height 1mm in older subjects.”

How can we expect patients to succeed if we pump them full of false information that likely creates vivid mental imagery of a spinal disaster?”

Education is key! Read the full article by Dr Jarod Hall here.